Smili SA was created in 2005, continuing the legacy of “Grammatopoulos SA”, a family company with a long tradition and experience in the marble and stone sector in Greece (since 1922).

The primary purpose of the company is offering exhaustive and self-contained solutions to all kind of construction demands concerning stone and marble applications. Smili SA cooperates with some of the most important international companies in its sector, like Antolini, Bisazza, Oii-Petracer’s, Antonio Lupi and many more.


Smili SA’s facilities are in the area of Koropi, Attica at the 24th km of Peania-Markopoulo Avenue. The factory is 4 km from the Eleftherios Venizelos airport of the city of Athens and just 400m from the urban railway station “Koropi”.

The total area of the factory exceeds 6 acres and is housed together with Marblex, a marble importer. It is comprised of production buildings, offices, a show room and storage space.

The production unit is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery for stone and marble processing.


The show room was created with one thought in mind; that the visitors have to be able to experience with their own eyes the many examples of material processing and applications possible and to understand the inexhaustible possibilities today’s techniques offer.

In the spacious show room, visitors can also see a wide selection of different types of stone and marble samples as well as some specialty materials.

Smili S.A. can provide its clients any kind of marble, granite, porfido or stone that they choose, whether it is from Greece or anywhere in the world.


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