The design team of Smili SA has the ability to create construction blueprints for any kind of architectural application.

Topographic blueprint

When a project is assigned, a topographic blueprint is made by a topographer that works for our company and who will offer his services until the work is finished. Using CAD software we compare the topographical blueprint to the one given by the architect of the building and then we execute a construction blueprint. In case the aforementioned blueprints are not inline, we propose solutions in order to avoid possible faults and sloppy work.

Special Projects

Apart from the usual construction needs for buildings (floors, wall coverings etc) this department will also assume the design of special projects, such as carved figures, columns, balcony consoles, reliefs, stone marquetry etc.

Smili S.A. can provide its clients any kind of marble, granite, porfido or stone that they choose, whether it is from Greece or anywhere in the world.


Alabastro Copper


Azul Macaubas


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