The marble and stone processing facilities of Smili SA are housed in two buildings and contain state of the art machinery for stone processing.

By being able to control all stages of the procedure, from supplying the material to processing and finally placing the pieces at their final destination, we are able to ensure the absolute quality of the final product.

CAD/CAM controlled machinery

Our company starts producing the pieces needed after the order is placed by the client’s architect, using the latest CAD/CAM controlled machinery. The possibilities of stone and marble processing that are offered by our company are practically inexhaustible. Here is a list of some of the most usual ones:

• Carving and relief
• Patinas
• Artificial ageing
• Sandblasting
• Waterproofing
• Water jet
• CNC cutting
• Cutting and carving by hand

Most of the aforementioned techniques require the manual intervention of the workers and the careful selection of the appropriate processing technique for every kind of material. This is something that has been established after exhaustive tests and years of experience.

What sets us apart

What sets us apart from our competitors is the care put into the process that is given to every work handled. It is the best and most appropriate for each kind of material used.

Finally, we have to add that our company is ready to undertake any kind of new technique or way of working that is needed for the special projects of our clients.

Smili S.A. can provide its clients any kind of marble, granite, porfido or stone that they choose, whether it is from Greece or anywhere in the world.


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